Nano Mist Bath is completely new type of bath for nursing and beauty-sports treatment.

Nano size particle makes the difference.

Bed type Bed type


Bed type Nano Mist Bath needs no water supply / drainage or electric supply work. You can start using right away.
Nano Mist Bath was born from a reversal idea that the person will not go to the bath but instead bringing the bath next to the person.
The after use comfort is just like the original nano mist! Safe and relaxed bathing whilst lying down.

Model name: Nano Mist Bath - Bed type
Size: 830(W) x 1470(H) x 724mm(D)
Size when opened up: 2450~2600mm(D)
(300mm space needed when supplying water to the tank in the rear)
Mist generator internally placed
Nano mist is generated with a barrel rotor in high rotation to pulverize water to nano size
Weight: 70 kg approx. (Including the mist generator)
Power supply: 100V

Revolutionary Bathing of New Age!!

Bathing whilst lying down.

Bed type

Mist is sent from the foot and back. Whole body is wrapped in nano mistfor soothing and comfort.

Operable with ease

Bed type

Easy to move around and easy to store

Face may be exposed for further comfort

Bed type

Two ways of use, either whole body in or face-out