Foot Spa

Same nano mist bath soothing and comfort on your fee

Foot Spa Foot Spa

The layout is adjustable to fit any types and use
* The photo shown is a CG not showing actual use. It is very relaxing when actually being used.

Foot Bath

Experience of a hot spring foot bath in a roomNano mist made for foot bath.
Usable whilst sitting on a wheelchair.
Foot is considered the second heart, important element of metabolism.
Start a day of soothing comfort with foot bath!


Model name: Nano Mist Bath Foot Spa
Size:Facing type 1865(W) x 740(H) x 960mm(D)
Parallel type 3370(W) x 740(H) x 480mm(D)
Feature: No electric or water supply work is required
Weight: 120kg
Power Consumption: 1200W
Power supply: 100V (50/60Hz)

Usable whist sitting on a wheelchair

Foot Spa

By folding up the step and closer to a wheelchair, it will be used in a comfortable posture.

Ideal for use in a day care service during tea time or snack time.
Differentiate from other service facilities.
Another idea to avoid routine service,bringing a new way of comfort to the users.


Requiring no water supply or electric wiring works. Just plug in to an electric outlet.
Very economical using just a litter of water per an hour.
Nano mist is very sanitary and easy to maintain.