Revolutionary Hair Washing

Head Spa

Using 1/10 to 1/20 of water compared to conventional shampooing; you don't even need shampoo to wash off hairdressing.
Scalp and pores are adequately cleaned also (Eins research)
It may be used whilst lying down for convenience of both care taker and patient.


Model name: Nano Mist Head Spa
Size: 370(W) x 850(H) x 250mm(D)
Feature: Washable down to scalp and pores with small amount of water without shampoo
Weight: 20kg
Power supply: 100V

Head Spa Head Spa

No need for water supply and drainage works. Washable whilst lying on bed using a cover.
Using compact and light 4 litter tank for ease of operation compared to conventional system.

Testimonials without shampoo solution below

Case of Mr. TK

Head SpaHead Spa

Having short hair, washing time was very short and cleaned to the pores

Case of Mr. SK

Head SpaHead Spa

He was shampooed the day before.
The oil residue on scalp is adequately cleaned.

* This is the result of in-house experiment. We do not guarantee the cleanliness.