Nano Mist Bath is completely new type of bath for nursing and beauty-sports treatment.

Nano size particle makes the difference.

Droplet size image

Droplet size image

Ultra-fine mistSteamNormal mistSmall water dropletWater droplet

HazeFogSplash mistFog / rainGentle rainNormal rain
10μm or less10~100μm100μm or less100~300μm300~1,000μm1mm or more

*1μm = 1/1,000 of 1mm1nm = 1/1,000,000 of 1mm

Nano Mist Image

Cozy and comfortable space

The temperature is kept between 38~42°C; it has no discomfort feeling of dry sauna and ideal for elderly people or anyone to relax.

Fast perspiration of entire body

It taks average about 10 minutes to sweat enough. Nano particles reach deep into the stratum corneum of the skin for fine perspiration and relaxation.

Maintaining heat and moisture

Whole body nano bathing has high insulation effect. Moisturizing effect provide sufficient moisture in the skin, reducing the dry skin itch. Nano particles wrap around your whole body to keep the warmth to the core.


Nursery home, day-care center, visiting care (transportable), hospital, home, public facilities, and emergency crisis measure.

Economical and easy to setup

No need for a construction to setup. Just plug in to start. No water supply work necessary. Foldable and easy to transport. Standard 2L tank works for 55 minutes. 30cc/min. of water use and approx 30 yen/hr. electricity charge. Featuring auto shutdown leaving little water to cool down.

No need to concern for bacterial and odor

In and around waterfall, there are some 3 to 4,000 negative ions. In Nano Mist Bath, there are maximum of 184,000, minimum of 50 to 80,000, in average 100,000 negative ions generated per a cm3. It is not chemically physically produced, thus providing natural feel. Bacteria and odor are prevented creating a sanitary environment.

Easy to care and to be cared

Since there is no water pressure on body, there is less stress. The body heat is kept after bathing, skin is kept of moisture. There is no bath tub, tremendously reducing the load on the care taker.

Low back pain measure grant-in-aid

Low back pain measure grant-in-aid

A care equipment applicable for care worker's public incentive (in Japan)
The photo is for illustrative purpose only

Merit for care taker

1. The system is installable next to the bed and easy to move around
2. Operation time is shortened compared to regular bathing
3. No need to lift the patient; it reduces the number of transferring for less back pain
4. Easy cleanup afterward

Merit for patient

1. Less distress on heart and blood pressure compared to regular bathing
2. High thermo-moisture insulation compared to regular bathing and shower
3. Promotion of metabolism for better health
4. Nano mist will not wet the hair. Just wipe off with bath towel for exhilarating feel

Merit for facility operator

1. No need for water supply and electric work. Easy to setup and move anywhere
2. Applicable for government grant
3. Less time to bath, less labor cost
4. Less than 500ml of water used per person's bathing

Nano Mist Bath is a care assistive equipment

ECLAT system

Patented ECLAT system

With a newly developed patented technology, only nano size droplets are sent inside the cabin. Large droplets are kept in the lower tank; no bacteria or odor are left inside the cabin.

ECLAT system

Mist generator spec

Power supplyAC100VPrecaution
Consult doctor when used for patient on the following condition

Heart problem
High blood pressure
Extreme fatigue
During pregnant
Terrible physical condition
Under influence of alcohol
Power consumption1200W
Water consumption28~30cc/min.
Supply tank capacity2.0 litter
Drainage tank capacity2.5 litter
Continuous operation55min.
Standby5 min. (auto drain)
Negative ion productionapprox. 180,000/cc max
Negative ion productionapprox. 100,000/cc average
SizeW400mm x H547mm x D210mm
Weight10kg approx.

Comment from Professor Hiroshi Asai

Professor emeritus, Waseda University (D.Sc)
Board Chairman, Institute for Local Agricultural Management

"This nano fine mist enters a nozzle and moisturizing the mucosa; it becomes preventive measure of cold. The fine particles further reach deep into the lung; it eases the condition of allergy and asthma. In long term use, it is considered effective on lowering the blood pressure, strengthening the respiratory tract and also for anti-aging."